Moss flies in 180 more bottles of Mahiki rum for hen do after finishing 120

London: Supermodel Kate Moss is said to have had 180 bottles of Mahiki rum flown in by helicopter during her hen party after she and her friends finished off 120.

Moss, 37, and her pals, who were at the Isle of Wight rock festival, also drank magnums of Cristal champagne, plus bottles of Grey Goose vodka and Tanqueray gin from the three-day festival’s organisers.

“There are about 30 of them on the hen do, plus the hangers-on, but, even so, they have got through an alarming amount of alcohol,” the Daily Mail quoted a source as saying.

“Apparently they have been necking the rum straight,” the source said.

Moss was sent 20 complimentary crates of 24.99-pounds-a-bottle Mahiki, which is made by the Mayfair nightclub of the same name and is so exclusive it does not go on public sale until later this month.

It was supposed to last the hen party the whole weekend, but it was all gone the next morning and the nightclub was asked to helicopter out 30 more crates, each containing six bottles.

“The club has its own helicopter, so it was pretty easy to get another 30 crates down,” a source revealed.


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