Motherhood makes you a better person, says Kajol

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: On Mother’s Day, the vivacious and very talented Kajol opens her heart out for her mother, Tanuja and also shares her own motherhood experience with daughter Nysa. Kajol cherishes every moment that she has spent with her mom and feels the same joy as she nurtures her daughter, awaiting to be blessed with another child for the second time.

The actress strongly believes that motherhood brings out the best in a woman and makes her a better person. On being asked how has motherhood changed her as a daughter? She said, “I appreciate my mom a lot more now”. She goes on to narrate how, a month after Nysa’s birth, she called up her mom, yesteryears actress Tanuja, and cried thanking her for everything she had done for her. “I was crying and thanking her at the same time. I thanked her for having fed me, burped me, stayed up nights to take care of me when I was sick, woken up in the middle of the night to comfort me, all this without any help. And here I was, with all the possible help I could get, still finding it so difficult. I kept telling her how good a person she was.”

According to Kajol, mother is God for her child, “Because, just like God is responsible for us, his creations, a mother is responsible for her child. Hence, she should be treated with all the dignity and respect possible,” she said.

Talking about her own experiences Kajol said, “It’s like watching a miracle everyday. The child is like a seed which we as parents water. What the child becomes as he/she grows up totally depends on what we teach them to be like.”

As for the most challenging part, it is to get the whole formula of motherhood right. “It’s a challenge to not make mistakes and moreover, to realise that you’ve made mistakes before it is too late,” she added.

Talking about her current relationship with Nysa, Kajol says that right now she’s God for the seven-year-old. “But it’s not like she listens blindly to whatever I say. In fact, she is in the whole ‘why’ phase right now. She questions everything that I tell her and even if I say ‘Because I said so’, she’ll turn around and say, ‘But I don’t want to do it’. I can’t really counter that,” said Kajol.

And the actress has got her motherhood fundas quite in place. She strongly opines that it’s most important for parents to take time to understand their children and listen to what they have to say, no matter how old the child is. That apart, spanking, she says, is never the solution to problems. “It must be used as a means of getting the child’s attention on the mistake made and not as a form of punishment,” she said. So what about Nysa? “It’s not that I’ve not spanked her, but I have never raised my hand on her in anger. I don’t think any parent has the right to, even though the child is your own,” she says.


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