Mother’s frantic 911 call after Brittany Murphy collapsed released

Updated: Jan 09, 2010, 15:27 PM IST

New York: The 911 tape of late actress Brittany Muprhy’s mother sobbing and trying to revive her unconscious daughter has been released.

Muprhy’s mother, Sharon, could be heard directing another person to give the actress CPR, and when after two minutes the actress did not regain consciousness, she broke down.

“Britney, please come back!” a news daily quoted her as having said.

She could be heard alternating between counting out the number of chest compressions the other person was doing and sobbing.

“My daughter’s passed out,” Sharon told the dispatcher, adding that the actress had been ill, had vomited and was feeling dizzy.

Sharon said nobody saw how Murphy collapsed, and when she was asked if her daughter was taking any medications, she replied in the negative.

The call operator was also heard asking if there was anything in Murphy’s mouth, such as vomit, Sharon was again heard answering “no”.

The operator also asked if there was anything in Murphy`s mouth, such as vomit, to which the woman said, "No."

Sharon had found Murphy unconscious in the shower on December 20, and she was pronounced dead at a local hospital.