Mumbai clubbers groove to DJ Priyanka Chopra`s music

Mumbai: Priyanka Chopra DJ-ed her single `In My City` while partying with her fans last night.

"I will be going to different clubs tonight," she said at a press conference on Friday before her DJ-ing stint in Mumbai, "(I) will be DJing and partying for a few minutes with my fans. We tried the same thing in Delhi and Bangalore and it was a big hit!"

An initiative by Blender`s Pride Fashion Tour, the actress visited four clubs - Hard Rock Cafe, F-Bar, Ghost and Hype.

On her album`s release, Priyanaka said that she will be releasing one soon, once a few singles are liked by her fans.

"This is how it is done in the US. They release a single, let it grow and then release another one. So I guess we will be releasing an album during spring, summer next year," she said.

Priyanka also revealed that she will be singing a few lines in Hindi in the rest of her singles.

"There are a few Hindi lines in my songs," she said.