Mumbai cops don’t leave a chance to mess with Salman

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: For the India – Pak cricket match in the World Cup semifinals we saw many Bollywood star’s enthusiasm. Many actors put their work and shooting schedules on hold for a day to go witness the epic cricket match live in the stadium.

However, those of who could not fly to Mohali chose to watch the Indo-Pak semifinal live at home with their friends.

Salman Khan had a plan to party with his friends if India won and made it to World Cup finals. And as we saw the Indian cricket team get closer to the golden win after their victory against greens, Sallu headed to a pub in Bandra with his gang of friends to celebrate.

As always when cops found out about Khan’s party plans they made their way into it to interrupt the celebration.

Speaking to a daily, a source revealed, "Salman and his friends were in high spirits, dancing away in the night to loud music.

However, the Bandra residents weren`t very happy about the noise. One of the residents filed a complaint and cops came by to stop the party in the wee hours of morning."

Now Salman’s mood was obviously spoiled and so were his party plans. The actor got really irritated and and left the party.

Also he had to take the back door exit from the pub in order to avoid further drama "With all the brouhaha outside the pub, some media guys too gathered and were waiting for Salman near his car. But learning about media`s presence, he used the back door exit of the pub and since his car was parked on the other side, he had to take a taxi to Galaxy Apartments early."

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