Munaf to take legal action against Bobby Darling!

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: India’s fast bowler Munaf Patel is mighty peeved with Bobby Darling, who had alleged that she was indeed in a relationship with the cricketer.

Bobby is a man turned woman who is now a huge rage among the gay and the sexual minority community. She is a popular face in gay and transgender parties. Recently, when Bobby was caught in the act at a party for the gay community, she had stated that she had never dated gay men and the last man in her life was Munaf.

However, the pacer, who had turned blind on this issue for long has finally broken his silence.

Talking to a daily, Munaf said, “I don`t know. For God`s sake, don`t drag me into all this. People are laughing at me. My reputation has gone down the drain. But let me reach India, I will deal with the issue. This is absurd. What relationship? This is not for the first time he, or she, has said this. I tolerated this nonsense in the past, but it seems to have become never-ending. I am contemplating legal action. I`ve even spoken to my lawyer.”

The ‘Bobby Darling issue’ has brought the cricketer’s family and his wife a lot of embarrassment and he seems to have taken it very personally.

He further said, “You have no idea what a hellish experience it was for them. Bobby`s statement was highlighted so much that everyone read it. The electronic media went crazy. You don`t know the impact it had on my old parents. My wife is here with me. Though there`s complete trust between us, deep down, it bothers you. I`ve always had her support.”

In fact he denied knowing Bobby at all, “I just remember seeing this person at a party and that`s it. I normally don`t party, don`t drink or smoke, so where`s the question of meeting someone like this? I`m very reserved and don`t talk much,” he added.

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