Murray’s negligence, delay in calling 911 led to MJ’s death: Cardiologist

London: Michael Jackson could still have been alive if his personal doctor, Dr. Murray, hadn’t been grossly negligent in providing the basic standards of care to the King of Pop on the day he died, a court heart.

Cardiologist Dr Alon Steinberg listed six ‘extreme deviations’ in Murray’s treatment that had a direct impact on the 50-year-old ‘Thriller’ star’s death.

“If these deviations didn’t happen, Mr Jackson could have been alive,” the Daily Mail quoted Dr Steinberg as telling jurors at Los Angeles Superior Court.

The cardiologist detailed his damning conclusions from an expert review he carried out on Jackson’s death for the California Medical Board.

He detailed numerous errors, including wrongly administered CPR, failure to call 911, misusing Propofol and not having proper medical equipment as leading to the star’s death.

“All these extreme deviations, giving Propofol in the wrong setting without proper equipment or personnel, not making proper preparations, not calling 911 in a timely manner, not keeping records, all directly impacted on Mr Jackson’s life,” Steinberg stated.

He insisted that Jackson’s life could have been saved if Murray called 911 the moment he discovered the star’s breathing had stopped.

“He was definitely savable at that point. There was a delay in calling 911. If they had got there six minutes later Mr Jackson would still be alive,” the cardiologist testified.

“He had a heart pressure and the heart was getting excited and there wasn’t enough oxygen. If he had all the help and equipment that he didn’t have, Dr Murray could probably have saved Mr Jackson at that point.

“He should never have started chest compressions. He should have called 911. Obviously, waiting didn’t work.

“If you put all these things together, yes, he’s responsible,” he added.

The cardiologist also claimed Murray’s use of Propofol was ‘unethical and untested.’


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