My children don`t want to do remakes: Anil Kapoor

Mumbai: Actor-producer Anil Kapoor, who has been a part of remake films including ‘Virasat’ and ‘Nayak’, says his children are not interested in the genre and would stick to originals.

"Newer generation don`t want to do remakes. At least my children don`t want to do remakes. They want to do original work. Either they want to adapt books or make original screenplays," Anil said.

Anil has two daughters - actress Sonam, producer Rhea - and son Harshvardhan who is yet to make his debut in showbiz.

"Whenever I try to corrupt them and tell them remakes do commercially well, they say, `Dad, you have done it, we are not going to do it.` That`s the new generation. At least my kids will not do it and they will say, `Do it on your own.` For me, sometime to keep the company rolling, I will have to do that."

Anil entered production business in 2002 with the comedy ‘Badhaai Ho Badhaai’ and it was followed by ‘My Wife`s Murder’ (2005), ‘Gandhi, My Father’ (2007) and ‘Aisha’ (2010). His production venture ‘Aisha’ and his recently announced moive ‘Herogiri’ are book adaptations and the 52-year-old says despite being inspired by literary works, both the films` scripts are original.

"Both these films are original interpretations. Even the film ‘Herogiri’, which we are making now, is an adaptation from a book. But when you will read the script, it`s completely original.

"Few things are inspired by the book, but when you see the screenplay it is original work. At least we are not making a frame to frame screenplay. They are all basically original and that`s what youngsters are doing," he added.