My `Dum maaro dum` can`t be compared to original: Anushka

Updated: Apr 21, 2011, 19:35 PM IST

Mumbai: Singer Anushka Manchanda is quite upset with the news that she is "furious" at veteran singer Asha Bhosle`s comments on the new version of the song ‘Dum maaro dum’. In fact, Anushka says the two songs are incomparable.

"Man! I leave the country for a few weeks and look what happens! There`s an article online which says that I`m furious with Asha Bhosle. The whole article talks abt how upset I am that Ashaji doesnt like the version of `Dum Maro Dum` that I`ve sung..but the headline says I`m angry," Anushka posted on her Twitter page.

She says such news is unnecessary.

"It`s Asha Bhosle..the voice of the nation..and someone goes and prints this bullshit. She`s gonna be like..who the hell is this chick?"

Anushka took help of the social networking site to clarify her stance.

"Anyway...I hope someone can tell her this for are amazing. I can only hope that you might like the work ive done, someday...And though i`ve sung a version of `Dum Maaro Dum`, which I think kicks can never be compared to the original. She rocked that one...," added the singer.