My husband is obsessed with Brad Pitt: Kristen Bell

London: Actress Kristen Bell admits her husband Dax Shepard is so obsessed with Brad Pitt that he is attached a portrait of the superstar to their bed.

The 33-year-old actress said Shepard has a serious obsession with the hunky actor and has attached the portrait of him and Pitt in matching outfits, which was given to him by Ellen DeGeneres earlier in the week, to the headboard of their bed, reportedly.

"He just adores him, he`s on a pedestal, his work, his vibe, he loves everything about him. It was the first thing he showed me when he got home. He`s like, `Come out to my trunk, I got to show you what Ellen got me.` And I was like, `Wait, how was your segments?`...

"And he has already put it up and it is in the boudoir. It`s resting on the headboard above our bed. It`s going to need to be secured if it`s going to live there," she said.