My life`s like a fairytale, says Rachel Weisz

Updated: Nov 22, 2010, 09:06 AM IST

London: Actress Rachel Weisz believes her life is like a fairytale because it is all about "dressing up" for work.

"Promoting a movie is part of the job and it`s fiction as much as the movie is," quoted her as saying.

"It`s like a fairytale. You get lent a dress and someone does your hair, does your make-up, it`s like dressing up and it`s not real -- nobody looks like that when they wake up in the morning!

"It`s fantasy, it`s not real life, it`s work and it`s not unpleasant. I like it," she added.

Despite her "fairytale" image, Weisz said she makes sure she leads a healthy lifestyle in order to keep her slim figure.

She said: "I`m very healthy. I eat well and exercise. Like being an athlete you have to be somewhat in shape because this is what you have got."