My weight gain has made me fuller, says Kangna Ranaut

Updated: Jun 09, 2010, 11:31 AM IST

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Kangna Ranaut’s fuller look is courting all sorts of unsavoury controversies, hinting a possible surgical enhancement of her assets.

However, the actress has categorically denied any such reports and said that her new curves are a result her sudden weight gain.

Talking to a news daily, Kangna said, "Not only my breasts but everything has miraculously expanded as I have gained seven kilos. I plan to lose all of it though people actually like me fuller and everyone has been complimenting me though I think it makes me look older than I am."

"It`s crazy, but every single person loves me fat. And honestly, I secretly like it too which is probably why I haven`t started gym and yoga yet. But really, on screen, my hollow cheeks look better and in fact, it is important they be that way," Kangna said.

Hmm…it seems Kangna’s additional seven kilos have gone to the right places!