Myleene Klass on her mother being the inspiration of her life

London : Former member of British pop band ‘Hear’Say’, Myleene Klass, who is now pregnant with her second child, has revealed that she gets her inspiration for life from her mother.

Klass, 32, who had grown up in Norfolk with parents Magdalena and Oscar, sister Jessie and brother Don, said that her mother taught her many things and the one thing that seems to have rubbed off on her is the inability to lie.

“I had a real mixture of cultures in my upbringing - as my mum is from the Philippines and my dad is Austrian,” a news daily quoted her as saying.

“One of the many things I have taken from my mum is her complete inability to lie. People in the Philippines don’t really ever lie – it’s not part of their culture.”

“I remember when all my family and friends organised a surprise birthday for my 25th, my mum couldn’t phone me all day as she knew she wouldn’t be able to deceive me.”

“I can’t lie either, which can get me in trouble when doing certain interviews. It’s better to live openly and honestly though - and that is how I want Ava and my unborn child to be.”

“I truly appreciate the sacrifices and hard work my mother put into her children. She is a daily inspiration to me,” she added.


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