Naomi Watts` parenting struggle

London: Hollywood actress Naomi Watts has admitted she never expected to raise children so late in life, and though being a mother is difficult, she finds it the most rewarding thing she has done.

The 44-year-old actress, who has sons Alexander, two, and Kai, 18 months, with partner actor Liev Schreiber, didn`t plan to have children late in life and thinks their closeness in age makes raising them extra difficult, a news website reported.

"I didn`t ever think I would be having kids this late. Then two under the age of two in diapers - it`s the hardest thing I`ve ever done, but the most rewarding," she said.

Watts didn`t find acting success until she was cast in `Mulholland Drive` aged 31 but she still felt comfortably established enough to take time off to have her children.

"I didn`t really worry about having time off. My career started late, so by the time I was ready to have children, I felt like I had enough body of work under my belt.

I was ready to say, `OK, let`s slow this down a little bit`," Watts said.



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