Naomie Harris praises Daniel Craig

Los Angeles: ‘Skyfall’ star Naomie Harris says she finds her co-star Daniel Craig super hot.

The 36-year-old said that a scene where she tried to seduce him as James Bond was a lovely moment, reported InStyle magazine.

"I do get to have a lovely moment with him, where I try to seduce him. I shave him and he`s got his shirt off. He`s a very hot guy, definitely. He worked out for two hours every day after filming. Two hours," she said.

"And we did really long days, so he`s super-super-fit. He`s a real Bond in real life - very physical, capable and energetic," she added.

Harris also said that she was amazed to be asked to audition for the role as field agent Eve because she didn`t see herself as a traditional Bond girl.

"When they asked me to audition, I thought, `Me, as a Bond Girl?` I just didn`t see it," she said.


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