Natalie Portman quitting acting to start family?

London: Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman, who is pregnant with her first child, has hinted she may quit acting to focus on her family life.

The 29-year-old actress has spoken of her desire to emulate Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn, who left her movie career to begin a family, reported Sun online.

"Audrey made some good choices in life... More and more I realise how unimportant it is to be in the history books or anything like that. Putting time and energy into your children, that`s valuable," said Portman, who is engaged to choreographer Benjamin Millepied.

The actress has often spoken about the emotionally draining experience of filming `Black Swan`, in which she played a psychotic prima ballerina in one of the most demanding roles of her career.

Despite winning an Oscar for the role, Portman insisted it was a relief to begin work on her upcoming film, the more light-hearted `Thor`.

"It probably delayed the onset of a total breakdown from the efforts of doing Black Swan, which is going to hit at any moment... We got nice long breaks and I got to read in my trailer which was very comfortable and has a bed. I could eat whenever I wanted and train whenever I felt like it".