Nazis have always fascinated Jesse James, says dad

New York: Jesse James` father Larry says his son has always had a fascination with Nazis.

The world may have been shocked when snaps of the former Monster Garage host, 41, came to light but not daddy Larry.

"I don`t ever recall my son dressing like that, but he did have a fascination with the Nazis," the New York Daily News quoted Larry as telling

He added: "He liked the war machines, he liked their uniforms, he liked their guns, he liked everything about them."

According to Larry, Jesse had been fascinated with the Neo-Nazi movement right from his childhood and his interest grew more after he met one of Larry`s friends who was a Nazi.

After meeting the blond haired and blue-eyed Nazi, Jesse is believed to have said: "There`s a perfect example for the master race."

Larry recalled: "[Jesse] started getting really interested in it so I destroyed all of the information that I had been given and didn`t let him pursue it any further." (ANI)