New motor inspired reggae track, says Alexandra Burke

London: Alexandra Burke has said that she was inspired to record a reggae track for her next single after getting a new motor.

The singer wanted to make a track she could enjoy in her open-top car and tapped into her Jamaican roots for ``Start Without You.``

"It``s kind of reggae meets pop. It was inspired by my Jamican background and my new convertible," the Sun quoted her as saying.

"I really wanted to have a tune I could take down my roof to, drive along and be proud of.

"I didn``t really want to do a ballad. I love the summer and this is the perfect track to dance to," she said.

"I call myself The Beast on stage and this song matches that perfectly because the first two lines are, ``Ehh ehh, I``m like a beast``.

"I heard it and really liked it," she added.

The 21-year-old singer has originally filmed the video to the single with her dancing in the street wearing denim shorts.

``Start Without You`` is slated for a release on September 6.