New president should be non-political: Hema Malini

Mumbai: Bharatiya Janata Party`s former MP and veteran actress Hema Malini believes a candidate from a non-political background should be given preference during the country`s upcoming presidential election.

"I think the president should be from a non-political background. He should be a very highly-qualified person and only a very knowledgeable person should become the president," the 63-year-old said here on the sidelines of an event Sunday.

"It`s such a high position that to handle it, a non-political person should be preferred. He`ll understand everything and will not be (in favour) for any political party," Hema Malini added.

Asked if she has any special tips for actress Rekha, who has recently become a member of the Rajya Sabha, Hema said: "Everyone learns themselves. Even when I went... no one teaches you. Everyone has to learn on their own. Life is a long process to keep on learning every minute. So, she will also learn it on her own."