Nicolas Cage faces yet another unpaid tax bill

London: Nicolas Cage’s financial troubles have come to haunt him yet again, as he has been hit with another allegedly unpaid tax bill.

The `Con Air` star has been named in several tax claims recently, with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) bosses making a 3.9-million-pound demand in August in relation to allegedly unpaid taxes in 2007.

The actor, who has blamed financial mismanagement for his money woes, is also facing other claims of unpaid tax related to his earnings between 2002 and 2004, and he was accused of defaulting on a 1.25-million-pound loan in October.

Reports from a news daily say that now California authorities are chasing the star for a further 2.5 million pounds in delinquent taxes.

"All entities are aware that this is in process and, from my understanding, all the parties are satisfied that everything will be paid back. Nicolas is doing everything that he needs to do to get these monies owed paid back," a news daily quoted a spokesperson for Cage, as saying.



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