Nicole Kidman, the perfect career advisor for Naomi Watts

London: Nicole Kidman turned out to be the perfect career advisor for her contemporary Naomi Watts, advising her not to give up acting after she suffered initial setbacks in Hollywood.

The actresses became friends growing up in Australia and both moved to Hollywood to pursue their careers, but while Nicole became a huge celebrity, Watts found the path to stardom harder and at one point considered quitting, until she was given a pep talk by her friend, Contactmusic reported.

"I`d been slogging away in Hollywood for five years, getting nowhere. At castings, I was constantly told I wasn`t talented enough, I wasn`t right, I wasn`t beautiful enough, I was nowhere near sexy enough," Watts said.

"I thought about quitting acting and took other jobs - in restaurants, on magazines - but nothing gave me the same feeling. Nicole actually gave me hope. She`d tell me that it would only take one film, one casting and everything would change," she added.

Watts eventually shot to fame with thriller `Mulholland Drive` in 2001, and has since then acted in hit movies like `The Ring`, `21 Grams` and `King Kong`.

The 41-year-old actress recalls meeting Nicole later, to read their respective scripts for `21 Grams` and `Cold Mountain`.

"Once I`d been given the `21 Grams` script, I took it with me everywhere. We went to my house, and we were sitting on the couch reading our favourite scenes to each other. And we were like, `Can you believe we`ve got two fantastic roles?`," Watts said.