No DNA test was ever done to establish Arnie’s lovechild’s paternity

Washington: Though Arnold Schwarzenegger has acknowledged Mildred ‘Patty’ Baena’s child as his own, there was never any DNA test to consolidate the claim.

According a number of sources, neither did Schwarzenegger ever demand a DNA test, nor did Baena ever take any step to establish the paternity through DNA, reports a website.

Schwarzenegger was perhaps sure about his fatherhood as Baena`s husband was not even in the United States when the baby was conceived. He returned to the U.S. just days before the boy was born.

The sources claimed the time the boy turned a toddler, it became ‘physically obvious’ that Schwarzenegger was the dad. In fact, several members of his staff sometimes confused his youngest son, Christopher, with Baena`s child.


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