Noel Gallagher counter-sues brother Liam for libel in 14-page document

London: Noel Gallagher has counter-sued his brother Liam and has laid bare their latest acrimonious rift in a 14-page document lodged at the High Court in London.

In the document, the 44-year-old song-writer charts the bitter breakdown of his relationship, both professional and personal, with his 39-year-old brother.

He claims that the temperamental singer left abusive voicemail messages on his wife Sara’s phone and tried to attack him, wielding a guitar “like an axe”.

The papers, filed in defence of a libel action by Liam, also describe how Noel regarded his brother as “spiteful and childish” for mocking him on stage, and they also reveal that before he quit the band Oasis in August 2009, the brothers were not talking.

He even insisted that the brother were travelling separately to shows.

Liam launched his libel suit earlier this year after Noel accused him of missing their 2009 V Festival gig in Chelmsford because he was hung over, but the elder brother later apologised and admitted that Liam was in fact diagnosed with laryngitis.

It was thought to be the end of the row and was widely believed a truce had been called and the lawsuit dropped, but in a surprise move Noel lodged a furious defence with the Queen’s Bench Division on November 1, making a string of counter accusations.

Liam is now expected to pursue his action all the way, and the pair could come face to face in court next summer.

In the court document, referencing the initial claim HQ11D03099, Noel admits he said Pretty Green would be allowed in the brochure “over my dead body”, but he says he didn’t speak directly to Liam about it and instead went through intermediaries.

Noel claims his refusal to allow the “free advertising” created such animosity between the pair it was a major factor in his decision to quit the band, and he alleges that Liam “provoked a huge row out of nothing” while they were waiting in a first class airport lounge.

Noel said it was “plainly a reaction” to the Pretty Green snub, and also claims that Liam deliberately baited him on stage by dedicating songs to Pretty Green staff – a gesture he describes as “spiteful and childish”.


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