Now, a goat named after Shah Rukh Khan!

Updated: Apr 18, 2013, 10:47 AM IST

Zee media Bureau

New Delhi: Shah Rukh Khan – who has wowed his fans and critics alike with his stellar performances – has cast a bizarre effect on one National Award winning filmmaker.

According to a leading daily, Janaki Vishwanathan`s upcoming movie ‘Bakrapur’ has a goat named `Shah Rukh` as one of the central characters.

“It`s a comic satire about a small boy and his goat,” Janaki said.

In justification of the goat`s name being Shah Rukh, Janaki said “There is a tendency in rural India to name pets after superstars. We had a massive goat hunt in villages, where we checked out almost 40o bakras in markets before zeroing in on one which was called `Shah Rukh`!”

Amusingly, “There were goats named after Salman Khan too there, but Shah Rukh was a special goat who was the most handsome amongst all! Besides, Shah Rukh means `face of the emperor`, which is why we chose it,” she said.

Janaki doesn’t think her film will offend the superstar. She said “I believe he is a good sport with a quirky sense of humour. He even cracks self-deprecating jokes and nowhere does this film project him in a derogatory manner.”