Now, BJP wants Katrina as their pin-up girl!

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: There is no doubt that India is a nation where imaginations run wild, and if that imagination germinates from the ‘intellect’ of a certain political party, it can be all the more bewildering.

Many might have rubbished Katrina’s ‘half-Indian’ remarks on Rahul Gandhi, the Congress general secretary. However, even before anyone or for that matter even she could have guessed (for once, making an exception over a stars’ intentional repartee), here’s the real deal!

Bollywood beauty Katrina Kaif’s brazen take on Rahul Gandhi’s nationality has won her favours from unexpected quarters.

The saffron party of India, BJP is so enthused by Kat’s `half-Indian` comment on Rahul Gandhi, that they want her to campaign for them in the BMC and Uttar Pradesh elections!

The BJP is more than willing to make Katrina Kaif their pin-up girl for the Uttar Pradesh.

Raj K Purohit, the city chief of BJP, said that the party would try its best to get Kat for drumming up support in the campaign preceding the impending elections. "We welcome her and will try to get her to be part of our rallies and meetings. What she said is not wrong. Instead, she is the first person to say this in public. We fully support her," said Purohit.

Although the willowy actor has apologised for her remarks, the BJP has found enough ammunition in her words to let loose in the pre-election canvassing.

And the fact remains that if Katrina does decide to play ball with the party, it can expect to have an upper hand in the electioneering, at least in the hinterlands of UP. For, in the star-smitten plains, the bigger the actor, the bigger the crowd it draws.

Even as a piqued Congress scorned the actor, one of its spokespersons said about the saffron party, "To what level do you want to bring down the political discourse in the country".

However, if the saffron party has its way, the actor might get into the skin of her character in ‘Rajneeti’ for real.

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