Now, Juhi Chawla wants to be a thinker

New Delhi: Actress Juhi Chawla has played multiple roles in life -- model, actress, wife and mother. Her plan of action now is to become a `thinker`.

She spoke of her plans on a talk show ‘Captain Tiao’.

Host Sadhil Kapoor, all of eight years, asked Juhi what she plans to do in her life next after managing multiple roles throughout her career - first as a model to then winning the Miss India pageant, to becoming a popular actress and singer.

The bubbly actress said: "You forgot to mention that I have also been a wife, mother, a villain in an upcoming film and now I am considering to become a `thinker` and think about what to attain in life next."

True to her charm, Juhi filled the entire episode with laughter and entertainment.

The episode will be aired Sunday.