On his birthday, Rahul patches up with dad Mahesh Bhatt

Mumbai: The differences between Rahul Bhatt and his filmmaker father Mahesh Bhatt have finally been ironed out. And it has been made possible by Pooja Bhatt, who has been trying to get her father and brother on the same page.

On Thursday, Rahul turns 31 and the estranged father and son spent the day together along with Pooja.

"I`m with my father and sister the whole day today on my birthday. I`ve realised I`ve been a little harsh, unfair and selfish in judging him. I am now reaching out to him purely as a son with no expectations as an actor," said Rahul.

Rahul has chronicled his relationship with his father in a book titled ‘Headley & I’, which he has co-authored with Hussain Zaidi.

An eerie karmic connection seems to connect the 26/11 main-accused David Headley with actor Rahul. Headley`s final sentencing by a US court has been fixed for Jan 24.

And Rahul is deeply disturbed by the coincidence.

"I really don`t see it as a coincidence. There is a strange bonding between us, as though our lives are in some way inter-connected. Otherwise, why would my birthday fall exactly on the day of Headley`s sentencing?" Rahul said.

"It`s a very disturbing thought and I feel no pleasure in my birthday any more. Because of my association with Headley, I am suffering through my own private 26/11 which no one knows about."

What he shyly reveals is that his sister Pooja bought a 100 copies of his book and distributed these among family and friends.

Rahul is set to make his acting debut with writer Shagufta Rafique`s directorial debut.