Oprah Winfrey turns book club into ‘Fight Club’ for Jimmy Kimmel show

Washington: Oprah Winfrey starred in a hilarious video for ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live: After the Academy Awards’ on Sunday night, which saw her famed book club descend into a full-blown fight.

On the show, Kimmel comes up with an idea to make ‘Oprah’s Book Club’ more interesting and suggests an alternative ‘Book Club Fight Club’.

“Let’s be honest… reading is like the most boring thing in the world, so this show takes your Book Club and gives it a twist,” the Huffington Post quoted Kimmel as saying.

Adopting the discussion format of the old ‘Book Club’, his new and improved version added fisticuffs to the proceedings.

The first book up was ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’, and one of the participants made the controversial declaration that the hero wasn`t Atticus or Scout, “it`s Tom Robinson”.

Winfrey “begs to differ” and after a brief discussion of the literary merits of his choice, she decks him with a punch in the face followed up with a vase--lamp combo.

Next to take on the chat show host was the guy’s wife, who was floored with a head butt before the ‘Book Club’ descended into an all-out melee.

For the record, Winfrey said she thought the real hero of the book was Boo Radley.