Oprah Winfrey tweets ‘her love for Aussies’

Updated: Mar 29, 2011, 12:03 PM IST

London: Oprah Winfrey has declared her love for Australia in a live ‘tweetup’ with her millions of followers on social networking site Twitter.

During the weekend, as the ‘Season 25: Oprah Behind The Scenes’ program ran on her OWN cable network, the star hosted a simultaneous ‘tweetup’ - a meeting of Twitter users - where she took questions about her experience Down Under, reports the Daily Telegraph.

"The most memorable was the ppl. Love those Aussies!" she tweeted in response to a question about her trip.

And she declared: "it IS as beautiful as it looks!"

Oprah also waxed lyrical about her visit to Uluru, the famous Australian landmark in the heart of the country -- even if she complained somewhat about the heat.

The chat queen had travelled to Australia December 2010, accompanied by 302 ‘ultimate fans’, to film episodes for her popular show.