Ozzy Osbourne`s wife hates his driving

London: Sharon Osbourne says she hates getting in a car with husband Ozzy because he drives like he`s riding a "horse".

The `America`s Got Talent` judge, 57, dreads getting into a car with her 61-year-old rocker husband - who only passed his test late last year - because he can`t control his breaks, reports a news website.

"He`s got a lead foot on that break and that means I get a bad neck each time I`m in the car with him. I`m up and down so much that it feels like I`m on a horse rather than in a car," she said.

Although Ozzy only got behind the wheel later in life, Sharon says he is now obsessed with motor vehicles and has even treated himself to a sports car.

"He never used to be interested in them but now he reads all the car magazines. He buys driving gloves and he`s even bought himself a few flash cars like a Ferrari and a Jag," she said.

Ozzy finally got his hands on his licence in 2009 - 35 years after his first attempt.

The former Black Sabbath star took his first driving exam in 1974 but he can`t remember how many times he failed.

"I`ve lost count how many times I messed it up. I remember one time I was doing the three-point turn and I passed out because I`d been to the doctor`s earlier and got some Valium for my nerves," he said.

"Some examiners would say, `I`m not even getting in the car with you`," he added.


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