Padma Lakshmi had hoped ‘millionaire Teddy Forstmann was dad’

New York: Padma Lakshmi told her baby’s father Adam Dell that she had hoped billionaire Teddy Forstmann "was the child’s biological father," according to court papers.

Dell claimed in Manhattan Supreme Court that Lakshmi had revealed to him that she was "sexually involved with Forstmann" with Dell "during the time she became pregnant," and "made clear . . . her hope that Forstmann was the child’s biological father."

According to the New York Post, she allegedly refused to put Dell’s name on the birth certificate "to minimize, if not eliminate [Dell’s] role in Krishna’s life and to install Forstmann as Krishna’s father."

The father, meanwhile, is suing for full custody.
The suit claims that "Forstmann has declared that [Lakshmi], Krishna and he are a ``family`` and they wished [Dell] would [bleeping] disappear."

"Adam is a loving and devoted father who only wants the best for his little girl. He was opposed to going to court because he wanted to protect Krishna from a public legal battle and held out hope that Padma would give Adam greater access. However, it became clear that she was never going to compromise, and the only way Adam was going to have more time with Krishna was by going to court,” said Dell’s brother and Dell Inc. founder Michael Dell.

But a friend of Lakshmi said, "While she is the main caregiver, she has done everything to allow Adam to be a part of Krishna``s life."

Lakshmi’s lawyer, Jay Silverstein, said, "We were in the process of negotiating permanent visitation rights when Dell terminated negotiations and this suit was filed . . . He remains more interested in garnering media attention than focusing on the welfare of his daughter."

A source close to Forstmann said, "He has been carrying out the role of father since the moment Krishna was delivered into his arms."