Pakistani actress Meera accuses mentor Mahesh Bhatt of abusing her

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: This is unarguably a new twist in the tale. Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, who has been godfather sorts to many Pakistani artists, has been accused of being possessive and abusive. And the one who has slapped such charges against him is none other than Meera, who made her debut in ‘Nazar’ opposite Ashmit Patel.

Narrating what made her quit Bollywood temporarily, the actress while speaking to a daily said, “ Logon ne bahut kuch likha is bare mein, aur kaha bhi, but main ab chup nahin rahoongi. Aaj main sach bolna chahti hun (Many things have been said and written about me but I am not going to keep quiet any longer. I want to tell the truth today.) It was not my decision to stop doing films, but I was asked to leave India by Maheshji. He did not like my being famous and interacting with other directors."

Meera has also gone to the extent of telling that the veteran filmmaker was jealous of her growing stardom and that he feared she might outshine him.

“Mujhe laga woh jealous thay mujhse jab main famous ho rahi thi. Woh nahin chahte thay ki main kisi aur director ke saath kaam karun (I thought he was jealous of me as I was becoming more famous than him. He did not want me to work with other directors).I got offers from big directors like Ram Gopal Varma, Mani Ratnam, Subhash Ghai and so on. He didn`t appreciate it at all,” she added.

Moreover, the actress has also said that Mahesh Bhatt slapped her when she expressed her desire to meet director-producer Subhash Ghai.

“He wanted me to only stick to his banner. One night, I had to meet Subhash Ghai at a hotel. Jab maine Maheshji ko kaha, toh woh bahut furious hue aur mujh par bahut chillaye, aur unhone mujhe do teen thappad bhi mare (When I told him I wanted to meet Subhash Ghai, he shouted at me and even spalled me thrice), " said Meera.

The actress has claimed that Bhatt had special feelings for her. “Tum mein aur Pooja mein koi farak nahin hai... Aur phir kuch der baad kahte ki main tumhe kaafi chahta hun aur tum mere liye bahut special ho (You are as good as my daughter Pooja. And after sometime he would tell me, ‘You are very special to me’). It was difficult for me to tell what exactly he wanted from me.”

However, Bhatt has laughed out at her allegations saying that the girl needs parental guidance as she is childlike. “I have slapped her? First of all, Meera is a unique phenomenon. She is a South Asian treasure.

She`s bizarre and innocent at the same time; she`s smart and then completely childlike the next instant. So you cannot feel outraged by her utterances and feel wronged. What Meera needs more than anything at the moment is a parental gaze, which screams out for an urgent need to rescue her from herself.”

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