Pakistani rock band Junoon’s Salman Ahmed hails Osama’s death

Spicezee Bureau

Washington: Salman Ahmed, lead guitarist of the celebrated rock band ‘Junoon’ has welcomed al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden’s death. The rock star, who recently gave a performance in Washington, feels blissful as the man who he believes disgraced Islam is no longer alive.

Talking to a daily, Salman said, “In the last 1,400 years of Islamic history, there has rarely been a man or woman – Muslim or non-Muslim – who has caused more damage to Muslims around the world than Osama bin Laden.”

He feels that the world can now take a sigh of relief. “On 9/11, those terrorists who flew the planes into the buildings overnight hijacked Islam so that anything that has to do with Islam, anything that has to do with Muslim culture, would be equated now with the face of Osama bin Laden. So he being taken out in a military operation I think is a great thing for the Muslim world as well as the planet,” he said.

Salman is astonished to learn that how a man as deadly as Osama could go unnoticed by the Pakistani army, considering he was so closely located to the military academy.

“Are you saying that everybody is so incompetent, everybody was asleep? This was Osama bin Laden, man. If there was any other country where this happened – the intelligence failure on Osama and the intelligence failure on the US operation – the first thing the president would do is ask for the resignation of the intelligence chief and ask many questions of the army chief,” he added.

Salman’s song ‘Ehtesaab’ (a music video that scorned corrupt Pakistani leaders and politicians) was banned way back in the 1990s. A humanitarian to the core, Salman questions Pakistan’s accountability.

The 47 year old rockstar is now a faculty of City University of New York’s Queens College.

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