Paoli can turn you on with her clothes on: Vivek Agnihotri

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: While the industry is abuzz with the bold poster of Vivek Agnihotri’s film ‘Hate Story’, the director himself feels that Paoli Dam, the main lead of his film can turn on people simply with her eyes.

Agnihotri cleared the rumours about his film and said that Paoli’s role was not similar to Sharon Stone’s character in ‘Basic Instinct’, as was believed earlier. Speaking to a daily, the director said, “This is the most original script by Vikram Bhatt. It has an Indianised commercial setting.”

“A journalist told me that Paoli has left Sharon Stone far behind while doing this movie. She can turn you on with her clothes on by just having the audience stare at her eyes!" the filmmaker added.

However, the director is miffed with the censor board as the bold promos haven’t gone down too well with them. Now, thanks to them, Paoli’s sex talk would have to be beeped from all the promos. Agnihotri feels that it would dilute the theme of the film itself.

"The censor board has old-fashioned people and we have no choice but to live with the norms. The soap operas show so much of vulgar stuff and yet, no one has any problem with that. Lovemaking scenes are being shown on television. There is so much of vulgarity in the minds of characters from popular serials. But no one is bothered. When it comes to the promos, we are told that we have to mute certain words. We have to cut a few things here and there. The result is that the promo is not representing the boldness of the movie. It`s like buying a Merc but still having to negotiate bad traffic. However, when it comes to my film, I will not cut anything and will fight till the end. Mine is an adult film. It is not for kids and not meant for adults who think like kids," said Vivek.

"YouTube has very international laws of censorship. We are also finding out ways of using the digital media to screen these promos. We have a confused government and don`t know what to do with life," he added.

Vivek was all praises for his leading lady and said that Paoli had to shed weight for the role. “Paoli hit the gym thrice a day with Prashant Sawant, who trained SRK to get his six-pack abs and Ajay Devgn`s body in ‘Singham’. Paoli is on par with any international actor," said Agnihotri.