Papa bit dazed, says Zoa Morani

Mumbai: It was tough for Zoa Morani as she watched her producer father Karim Morani being whisked away to jail for his alleged involvement in the 2G scam. But she is happy that he is out on bail and says her father is slightly dazed but will soon return to work.

The Moranis got a breather when Karim Morani, owner of Cineyug, was granted bail by the Delhi High Court Monday.

"My sister and I were in the High Court when the honourable judge said, `BAIL granted`! It was 3:49 p.m., mom was with papa in Patiala House... I don`t know how to describe the moment...We were literally running on the road like two crazy girls to reach Patiala House to hug my mom and pop. As a family I never felt happier being together, What a feeling," said Zoa.

The Moranis are at the moment savouring this moment of freedom regained, not allowing the future clouds to darken their moment of sunshine.

"Papa is a bit dazed. It still has to sink in that it`s finally happened, it`s been six months. His health is a matter of concern as he is a heart patient. But he has come out looking very handsome. We are taking him to do all the various tests," said Zoa.

Karim will soon resume work.

"I`m sure he is very excited to get back to work. The trial has started, and we will now work towards proving Papa`s innocence," she said.

Zoya said there are no words to describe how hard it has been. "My sister Shaza and I didn`t leave mom alone for even a second in these six months. Being together helped my father to be less stressed. We survived thinking that god is doing this to us only because he has loads of happiness in store for us. We were just paying karma for the good times to come."

The actress, who has lost the threads of her career that had just started with her debut film when the crisis happened, hopes to regain lost ground now.

"I`ve been in Delhi for six months, just a day after my debut film `Always Kabhi Kabhi` released, I left for Delhi. But I guess god had this in store for me. So be it. I will start working hard now, doesn`t matter. It affected me mentally. God gave me an opportunity and my debut film released but then this happened.

"I use to get drained thinking that I`ve just thrown away my career and not done anything to work towards it after my release," she said.

However, Zoa, prefers to give the film industry, known to turn away from individuals in trouble, a clean chit.

"Of course, a lot of people were supportive, it felt nice. I`m proud of papa... He has a lot of well-wishers."


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