Paparazzi nightmare leaves ‘Dabangg’ babe Sonakshi distressed

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Sonakshi Sinha’s tryst with the paparazzi recently left her fuming with the actress venting out her angst on media persons and journalists. The ‘Dabangg’ girl vented out her frustration, a day after she was ill - treated by a bunch of rowdy men at an event organised by an NGO ironically on combating terrorism on the occasion of 26/11 anniversary!

The actress was completely taken aback when few boys managed to get too close to her and even touched her on her arms and shoulder.

Clarifying that the miscreants weren`t her fans but `mediapersons and their cameramen`, Sonakshi revealed on Twitter, “Guys thanks for your concern, but I am fine! I didn`t cry and am definitely NOT traumatized, just majorly pissed off with the behaviour of certain people. Creating a ruckus, completely disrespecting speakers on stage, falling over, whacking each other. It was an unacceptable behaviour.”

Disclosing the identity of miscreants Sonakshi added, “It was conveniently omitted that the `miscreants` happened to be mediapersons and their cameramen!”

Well, the actor-paparazzi war is not new. If you are part of showbiz, it is likely that you brush once a while with the papz on the wrong side!