Paris, Charlie top list of unpopular and untrustworthy celebs

Sydney: Paris Hilton and Charlie Sheen have topped the list of the most unpopular and least trusted personalities in America.

According to a poll, it was found that the Hilton, 30, and 45-year-old Sheen were deemed most likely to damage the reputation of any brand they chose to endorse, the Daily Mail reported.

Of the 100 celebrities in the list, Hilton attracted maximum criticism with 60 percent respondents reacting against her, Sheen finishing close with 52 percent respondents expressing an unfavourable opinion of him.

Coming to trustworthiness, the two again fared badly, with Sheen being considered marginally more dishonest than the actress with an extra one percent of the 2012 respondents against the actor, stating they were less likely to even buy a product endorsed by Sheen.

Britney Spears, 29, Mel Gibson, 55 and 35-year-old Tiger Woods, who lost several major endorsements after his 2009 sex scandal, also fared badly in the poll from which politicians were deliberately excluded.

1. Paris Hilton – 60 percent

2. Charlie Sheen – 52 percent

3. Britney Spears / Kanye West – 45 percent

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger – 44 percent

6. Tiger Woods – 42 percent

7. Kim Kardashian – 38 percent

8. Mel Gibson – 33 percent

9. Donald Trump – 31 percent

10. LeBron James – 29 percent.


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