Paris Hilton ‘feared she was pregnant after gaining weight’

London: It has emerged that Paris Hilton recently had a pregnancy scare after she gained a few pounds besides suffering from fatigue and excessive appetite.

Her reality show ‘The World According To Paris’, which aired on US television, showed a few scenes of the phase when she was fearing that she was pregnant.

Her then-boyfriend Cy Waits was spotted rushing out to buy a pregnancy test for her. One of the scenes also showed the couple snuggling up in bed as they awaited the results.

In another scene, Hilton, 30, was seen breathing a sigh of relief as she read the words ‘not pregnant’, while Waits confessed he was a little disappointed.

“In a way I wanted to have a baby with you. But I think you’re right. We’re not ready yet,” the Daily Mail quoted Waits as saying in the scene.

Hilton started fearing that something could be wrong after she struggled to squeeze into a leather catsuit to launch her motorcycle team in Spain.


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