Paris Hilton has ex boyfriend evicted from club

Last Updated: Jul 26, 2010, 17:56 PM IST

New York: Paris Hilton has apparently shown her ex boyfriend Doug Reinhardt the way out from a club, while partying with a Malaysian big-spender.

Hilton has been vacationing in St. Tropez on the yacht of mysterious Malaysian Jho Low, who has been repeatedly spotted spraying her bikini-clad body with bubbly.

On Thursday, Hilton and Low, with a large entourage, found themselves sitting opposite her ex, and now enemy, Doug Reinhardt at glitzy club Les Caves du Roy.

ccording to a source, after guzzling Champagne with Low and swapping dirty looks with her ex, "She asked the deejay to announce, ``Paris wants Doug Reinhardt to get out.``

“He left 30 minutes later with his head down," the New York Post quoted the source as saying.