Paris Hilton is the most headache inducing celebrity

London: Often criticised for her bizarre usage of words in public, socialite Paris Hilton has topped the list of the top ten headache inducing celebrities.

The 29-year-old hotel heiress, who recently split from `The Hills` star Doug Reinhardt, edged past glamour model Jordon and singer Amy Winehouse to land the top spot, in the poll carried out by pain-relief medication brand Nurofen, a news website reported.

The poll showed that the most common reason for Paris Hilton induced headaches is her lack of talent.

Other celebrities to be listed in the poll included sex-addicted sports stars like footballer Ashley Cole, causing headaches in 41 percent people, golfer Tiger Woods, causing
them in 36 percent of the cases and former captain of the
English football team John Terry who annoyed a third of



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