Peaches Geldof to get married for second time at the age of 22

London: She is still only 22, but Peaches Geldof will be tying the knot for the second time.

The daughter of the Live Aid founder Bob Geldof recently divulged about her engagement with 20-year-old Thomas Cohen, an ‘indie’ rock musician, whom she met in January.

“Me and my fiance just went to get a mortgage for a house,” the Telegraph quoted Peaches as saying.

“It’s a nightmare, because I’m self-employed, but we got one finally. We’re moving to Whitechapel, to a three-bedroom Victorian conversion, which we got for pretty cheap. We’re moving in around January. It’s really exciting.”

In 2008, the television presenter and model married Max Drummey, an American rock musician in Las Vegas.

They had each other’s names tattooed on their hands but less than six months later, they announced that their marriage had ended cordially.

“I guess, when you get a mortgage, somehow you become obsessed with things like oven mitts and garden furniture and couches.”

“I’ve become very much domesticated. I’m a fan of doilies: I’ve been collecting them, different ones, embroidered doilies, much to the chagrin of my long suffering fiance.”

“However, he likes old flags, and he loves buying weird 1940s menswear, underwear that costs extortionate amounts of money, that an old man wore, with holes in. I don’t understand it.”

Peaches also revealed that of late, she has been staying in with her fiance every night of the week, watching films like Babe.

“The most exciting it got recently was a night out to see Arthur Christmas,” she added.


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