Penelope Cruz is competitive: Antonio Banderas

Updated: Aug 14, 2011, 10:13 AM IST

London: Actor Antonio Banderas enjoys playing murder-mystery games with his actor friends and says Penelope Cruz is particularly competitive.

The 37-year-old Spanish actress and her husband Javier Bardem are among a group of actors - including Eva Longoria and Banderas - who meet weekly to play a murder mystery
role-playing game called Wolves and her friends say she often gets carried away with her determination to win, reported Harper`s Bazaar online.

"We play games. We love that. We play one called Wolves. Penelope, Javier and now Eva Longoria comes too. We get together once a week. Penelope and Javier are both very good
at Wolves.

"I have seen Penelope doing things that you wouldn`t believe to win, picking huge fights with dear friends of hers, unbelievable," Banderas said.