People in India put blinders on, says Sunny Leone

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: She landed in India as a porn star from the US and left the country with a handsome Bollywood offer. She is all set to visit India again in a month’s time to start working on her debut mainstream film and can’t stop going ga-ga over her fans in the sub-continent. Sunny Leone couldn’t have asked for a better launch pad to start career afresh!

The adult film star, who participated in ‘Bigg Boss 5’ to santise her porn star image, has indeed been able to isolate her scandalising image from her real self. She seems to have actually found boundless love from her followers in India and has been able to connect with them with élan.

Talking to reporters during an event in the US, Sunny spoke her heart out about her stint on the reality show and the incredible fan following that she has been able to garner in India.

An elated Sunny said, “It gives me goosebumps. It was absolutely amazing. I did not know we would be stuck inside a house with no contact with the outside world. But what they ended up doing in India is all the fans…including children, teenagers, mom, dads, grandmoms, grandpas….they separated Sunny Leone the adult actress to Sunny Leone the girl on ‘Bigg Boss 5’. They put blinders on. They accepted me and the fans were so amazing in India. It’s so welcoming. Never thought in a million years I will be in this position.”

Sunny also spoke about her next visit to India to shoot her first Bollywood film ‘Jism 2’.

Looks like Sunny has indeed succeeded in getting what she had wanted!