Perfectionist Khan does it again!

Updated: Oct 25, 2011, 12:45 PM IST

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: The perfectionist Khan is at it again! Known for ghost directing and instructing directors of his films to make changes according to his own cinematic sensibilities, Aamir Khan has now decided to re-work the pilot episode of his talk show.

Khan decided to show the pilot to his friends and staff and when they found it too emotional, Aamir asked the producers of the show to re-work on it.

Speaking to a daily, a source informed, “It is a norm in the TV industry that first a pilot is shot and edited and showed to the people concerned for proper feedback. Aamir did the same thing and showed it to his close friends and staff to get their reaction.

He was told that he is getting too emotional which is not looking too well. Aamir took this advice seriously. He has now asked his creative team to re-work on the emotional quotient of the show.”

Just last week, Aamir made an official announcement about the show but refused to reveal the name of the show.

“Aamir, in a recent press conference confessed that it is going to be one of the most challenging roles he has ever essayed - more complex than his performances in ‘Taare Zaamen Par’ or more recently ‘Dhobi Ghat’. He is very emotional about the show. In fact, when a journalist asked him to explain about the concept, he spoke at length and was seen getting emotional then as well,” added the source.

Aamir is said to be very excited about his TV debut. So much so, that the actor has permitted the producers to shoot at his Panchgani farm house.

A spokesperson from the channel has confirmed that a lot of meetings have happened at Aamir’s Panchgani house. Wife Kiran Rao is also believed to be a part of project.

A music video will also be shot for the show and the name of the show will be revealed soon. “The launch episode will be aired across all channels of the network making it the biggest show of recent times. Hrithik Roshan’s dance show got coverage on two channels of a network, but Aamir’s will get coverage in over eight channels,” informed the source.