Peter Jackson says he was bullied as a child

London: Peter Jackson has revealed that he was subject to bullying because he was “an oddball” as a child.

New Zealand-born Jackson, who created the highly successful ‘Lord Of The Rings’ trilogy, revealed his childhood suffering while at the Sundance Film Festival.
Jackson was at the annual event to promote his new film, a documentary about a high-profile murder case dubbed the ‘West Memphis Three’.

As producer of the documentary, Jackson said it charts the case and includes a new revelation of a possible suspect.

The famous director also helped fund the legal defence of the three convicted killers - who are now out of jail nearly 20 years after the crime, as the legal team claim they have testimony that the stepfather of one of the victims is the real murderer.

“I was bullied and regarded as little bit of an oddball myself,” the filmmaker was quoted as saying.

“And I see that happening to somebody else, so I just want to help them,” he added.