Photog says she’s partly to blame for Paris Hilton hit-n-run

Washington: Paris Hilton`s beau isn`t the only one responsible for last night`s vehicular run-in with a female photog on the Sunset Strip, it has emerged.

The shutterbug is actually admitting partial fault in the matter.

The photog, Carol Williams, said: "I admit I am at fault as much as him" adding that she shouldn`t have been "out in the middle of the street" in the first place, reports TMZ.

Williams is also shedding light on why she thinks Hilton`s BF Cy Waits drove away from Boa Steakhouse after the incident, saying, "After he rolled over my foot, he rolled the window down and asked if I was fine ... someone else answered for me and said ``yes`` and he drove off."

As it was earlier reported, Waits was cited for a hit-and-run and Williams was treated for injuries to her leg.

Williams also told that she`s still a big fan of Paris and notes, "I want to take responsibility for my actions.”