Pierce Brosnan re-living bad memories

Los Angeles: Actor Pierce Brosnan’s daughter Charlotte died recently of ovarian cancer and this forced him to re-live the tough times that he faced after his wife Cassandra`s death, says his friend Bron Roylance.

Brosnan`s wife Cassandra also died of the same disease in 1991.

"Charlotte`s illness came with a darkness because Pierce was re-living the past. He was having to re-live the whole nightmare of this horrific disease. Pierce is dealing with Charlotte`s death, but in reality he is beyond devastated," People magazine quoted Roylance as saying.

However, Brosnan`s second wife Keely Shaye Smith is supporting him and Roylance is confident that the actor will fight and move on from the tragedy.

"It`s true love. During the tough times they are both beacons of strength... He`s got an inner quality that allows him to continue. He will continue to be a husband and a father. He will continue on with his life," he said.