Pierce Brosnan`s son to play his younger version in film

Updated: Apr 27, 2013, 11:18 AM IST

London: Pierce Brosnan`s son Sean is to play the younger version of the former James Bond star in a new action movie.

The Brosnans are planning to shoot action thriller `Last Man Out`, based on a script by comedian-turned-US chat show host Craig Ferguson, in Belfast, Northern Ireland later this year.

The film is about a former Irish Republican Army hitman trying to make good after serving 20 years in the notorious Long Kesh prison, reported Daily Star.

"It`s about the last man out of Long Kesh and the ghosts that he lives with and flashbacks to his younger life and me as a young man, so I was like, `Sean, why not?`" Pierce said.

"I`d known Craig, did his show and we live in the same neighbourhood and he came to me with this and I said, `Yeah, let`s have a crack at it.` Terry Loan is a Belfast director who I`ve wanted to work with. It`s a little film," he added.

And Sean is also set to team up with his teenage half-brother Dylan to adapt a Joyce Carol Oates short story for the screen.