Playful Salman Khan gets naughty with Katrina Kaif!

Last Updated: Jan 08, 2011, 14:32 PM IST

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Do you think Bollywood’s wild child Salman Khan can ever be controversy free? Well, don’t be surprised to hear a big ‘no’ because Salman Khan is controversy’s favourite child!

Recently, while attending the 17th Annual Star Screen Awards, Salman Khan got mischievous with his ex-lover Katrina Kaif.

Talking to a news daily, a source present at the glittering award function said, “Salman was sitting outside his van when Katrina had finished her performance and crossed him to reach her vanity van parked next to his. Katrina thought that Salman`s mischievous comment was for her. Salman called out to her warmly and asked her to join him. When she came, Salman got up, hugged her and even kissed her on the cheek in full view of everyone. It was obvious by the act that Sallu and Kat were very relaxed towards each other."

However, fun started when Kat got up to return to her van. “After catching up on each other`s lives for a few minutes, Kat decided she had to change out of her costume. As she started walking away, Salman in his usual mischievous style suddenly called out to Katrina, `abhi kiske saath hai tu?,`” said the source.

Apparently, Katrina was stunned by Salman’s comments but was startled when the actor quickly gestured towards her bodyguard, signifying that he had addressed the question to her bodyguard and not to her.

“Salman asked the bodyguard again `ab kiske saath hai tu?` with a huge grin on his face thus averting what could have been a big public showdown!,” added the source.

Now that’s Salman Khan at his wittiest best. What say Katrina?