Playing Vera Miles in `Hitchcock` terrifying: Jessica Biel

Los Angeles: Actress Jessica Biel says playing iconic actress Vera Miles in Sacha Gervasi directed film ‘Hitchcock’ was a terrifying experience.

The film follows the story of legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock`s struggles during the making of the 1960 seminal film ‘Psycho’.

The 30-year-old newly-wed actress said that it was especially hard to portray Miles because the actress is still alive, reported a website.

"Portraying a woman who is such a screen icon in my mind - and someone who is still alive is terrifying, but exciting. A really provocative thing for me to be able to be a part of," Biel said.

In ‘Hitchcock’, Biel`s Miles plays the sister of Janet Leigh`s character in ‘Psycho’. Miles investigates the disappearance of Leigh, who is portrayed by actress Scarlett Johansson.

As famously known, Johansson has recreated the iconic shower murder scene of Leigh`s character in the 1960 thriller.

When asked to comment on her co-star`s much-talked-about scene, Biel said that she wasn`t there when Johansson shot the shower scene.

"I was in and around that day because we were shooting the very end of it when she walks out of the shower and she sort of runs into all of us as we`re standing around completely shocked at what she`s just experienced. But I wasn`t there when she was being tortured in that shower - it looks pretty intense," Biel said.

Veteran actor Anthony Hopkins stars as the titular film legend, while Helen Mirren plays his wife Alma Reville.